Adeo Colorado

New Message for a New Mission

Healthcare, Nonprofit
website refresh

Reaching Higher with Enhanced Focus

Greeley Center for Independence was a Colorado nonprofit dedicated to helping people with disabilities. In 2023, they narrowed their focus to concentrate exclusively on people living with the residual impacts of brain injuries.  

They initially turned to KidGlov for an upleveled new brand. We developed the name Adeo, which means “to this point” or “thus far,” as a signal of hope and encouragement for future progress.  

Three years later, Adeo and KidGlov came together again to refresh and update their messaging, including a new website and on-site brand video. 


  • Updated Messaging

  • Refreshed Website

  • Brand Video

  • Social Media Videos

  • Brand Brochure

  • Photo Library

  • Handouts with Spanish Translation

An Elevated Experience

As a nonprofit offering housing, wellness services, and opportunities for brain injury survivors, Adeo elevates every life they touch. A visit to their campus is a profound, moving experience—and KidGlov wanted that feeling to shine through in all the expanded messaging materials.  

Now, thanks to the revamped website, brochure, and brand video, key audiences like donors, community members, and families can continue meaningfully connecting with Adeo. For the KidGlov team, it was gratifying to lend a helping hand (or glov) to people who are changing the world. 

KidGlov was instrumental in our initial rebranding journey and the successful refresh. Throughout the process, they actively listened to our insights, fostering a truly collaborative effort between our teams.”

– Sarita Reddy, Executive Director, Adeo