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Skip the Hassle, Reap the Rewards

Metro Credit Union is “Your Local Advantage” throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. They have local branches and a strong reputation in the city’s urban core, and they’re growing fast in the suburban communities as well.

One advantage Metro offers all its audiences is consistently low rates on mortgages, auto loans, and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Loan rates fluctuate constantly, so no lender can promise the lowest rate in every situation, but Metro offers a reliable way to save both time and money:

If you make us your first stop, you’ll skip the hassle of shopping around and still get one of the lowest rates—if not the lowest—in the area.


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Good Advice from a Friend

The campaign features a memorable catch phrase/call to action: “Check with Metro first!” It’s enthusiastic advice from Stan, a likeable everyman neighbor who LOVES to help. Stan turns up around the neighborhood, wearing a consistent uniform of a blue hoodie over a yellow polo shirt that makes him instantly recognizable.

Stan’s television and radio presence have united Metro’s brand message across the Omaha area. He’s been so well received by customers and staff that Metro’s 2024 product campaigns are featuring Stan in more adventures around town—at a wedding, an open house, and a car dealership. Keep an eye out for the friendly guy in the blue hoodie, and remember … Check With Metro First!


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