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Nebraska Arts Council aspires to positively impact the lives of Nebraskans through the power of art. They provide programming, grants, and opportunities to foster creative innovation statewide. Wanting to make these opportunities – and the art itself – more accessible, they recognized the need for a new, redesigned website that better met their needs.

To accomplish this, we created searchable categories to better organize information, improve site navigation, and feature programs, artists and grants within each category. In addition, we restructured the primary site menu to help visitors quickly and easily find information.

To give the site a unique look and feel, we leaned into bold color choices, using high-resolution photos from the Nebraska Arts Council to draw in the eye. We also created sophisticated, minimalistic site animations using photo and design elements that move as the viewer scrolls.


  • A more user-friendly, streamlined navigation

  • Quick, easy access to information on grants and other opportunities

  • Improved ability to find and hire artists, resulting in more art in Nebraska

  • Better exposure and access to the arts for all Nebraskans

A Work of Art

The new website met (and exceeded) each of the requirements set by Nebraska Arts Council – and did it in style. With the site’s launch, we were able to help the client provide 24/7 access to art in Nebraska, provide education on the wealth of artistic offerings in our state, and provide an engaging design that could get audiences excited about the power of art.



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We are just delighted with the results! It has been a great pleasure to work with you and your talented team. Considering the complexity of the brief, you delivered big time.

– Suzanne Wise, Executive Director