Flatwater Bank

Revitalizing Rebrand

Financial Services

Honor the History

After 117 years, Gothenburg State Bank was “still pioneering.” With a growth plan to open locations in nearby communities outside of Gothenburg, they needed a brand that honored their history but also blazed new trails. 

A strategic brand advancement process led to a modern logo, graphic identity and color palette, and gave the organization a look that visually represented the quality products and genuine people you’ll find there.  

From that process also came the new name — Flatwater Bank. The word “Nebraska” is an American Indian term meaning “flat water.” This term pays homage to their legacy as a state bank, honoring the mark they’ve made.  


  • Name & Tagline

  • Logo

  • Graphic Standards

  • Brand Launch

  • Messaging Strategy

  • Direct Mail

  • Mobile App Design

  • Signage Consultation

Blazing New Trails

The bank originally started their brand refresh with another marketing agency. Frustrated with the process, they turned to KidGlov for strategy, creativity, clarity – and a very quick turnaround.   

Now the legacy of being a friendly, family-owned bank is one that can continue to flow through the communities they serve today. 

Thanks for all your help in this process. You brought the needed confidence at just the right time.

– Matthew Williams, Chairman of Flatwater Bank