August 18, 2020

10 Years + 45 Applications = Two Agency for Change Challenge Winners

Lyn Wineman

I never in my wildest dreams imagined KidGlov would celebrate our 10th anniversary in the midst of a global pandemic. With the party postponed and other celebratory plans placed on the back burner, we looked at other ways to honor the occasion.  Then we created our Agency for Change Challenge. Over 10 years, we’re proud to have become an Agency of Change. We believe in being part of a large movement to make the world a better place, and we know we’re not the only ones.

The Agency for Change Challenge called on these dedicated organizations whose missions drive the world toward positive change. The challenge was simple—tell us about the works your organization is doing to improve lives through positive change and be in the running to receive $10,000 worth of KidGlov advertising services. We opened the applications on June 12 and didn’t exactly know what to expect.

We were overwhelmed by the incredible response.

Our inboxes were suddenly filled with stories from business and nonprofit organizations whose impactful missions and creative ideas for using the prize were all inspiring. By mid-July, our team had reviewed and scored the applications, settling on a diverse group of ten finalists. We invited their supporters to advocate for their missions on social media. Once again, we were touched by the positive comments of how each organization was making the world a better place.

In early August our team reconvened for the ardent task of choosing the winner. Our most important consideration was determining how to make the greatest impact. After an hour of impassioned conversation, we came up with the best decision of all…to double-down and award the prize to not just one, but two organizations—Child Saving Institute and Lincoln Community Playhouse.

Child Saving Institute (CSI) provides a safe haven and healing for thousands of innocent young victims of family crisis, neglect and trauma. They offer vital services to create a safe place for at-risk children and to heal fractured families by working with pregnant women and young parents, foster and biological families with children of all ages and young adults transitioning to independence, to make sure all children are well cared for and loved. We are looking forward to helping them focus awareness on their life-changing mental health services.

The Lincoln Community Playhouse, part of the Lincoln community since 1946, is about far more than entertainment. They aim to transform the lives of individuals and positively impact the community by providing the finest quality theater experience. In addition to their regular season productions, they also run a comprehensive outreach program, A Playhouse for Everyone. This outreach brings live theater to those with limited access to the opportunity at the Playhouse, including children with special needs, Title I school students and a senior theater group. Their supporters shared a multitude of stories of how they are changing the world and making a difference in people’s lives.  We are pleased to help them shine a spotlight on all their changemaking efforts.

This isn’t just about advertising, but about using our combined talents to support organizations, both small and large, for-profit and nonprofit, who are making positive change in the world through their products, programs or services. We are proud to have the ability to give back to those changing our world for the better. As a matter of fact, we have offered each Agency for Change Challenge applicant an opportunity for brand consultation. Many of their stories will be shared on our Agency for Change Podcast in upcoming months.

Admittedly, this is new math. In our 10th anniversary, we learned the stories of 45 amazing applicants and chose two highly deserving winners. And we’re looking forward to helping them advance their brand. As Changemakers, we’re part of a larger movement to make the world better and since the beginning, we’ve been humbled to partner with organizations that feel the same. While our 10th anniversary looks a lot different than we imagined, we’ve learned that during uncertain times, there’s no better time to join together.

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