September 17, 2020

Learn More About the Agency for Change Challenge Winners

Each winning organization will receive $10,000 in marketing services

The Child Saving Institute and the Lincoln Community Playhouse took the top prize(s) in the Agency for Change Challenge. While we were originally planning to award only one top prize, the review panel made the decision to award two finalists with $10,000 in agency services. Learning more about the winning organizations will help explain why.

Doubling the Prize Doubles the Impact

Lyn Wineman, our founder and president, puts it this way: “The purpose of the Challenge was really to show our appreciation for all the changemakers out there – the individuals and organizations who are committed to improving the lives of others. We need the positive impact that changemakers create now more than ever, and when we had two top contenders that, while different, had equal weight in terms of the criteria we used to evaluate competitors, we knew the right thing to do. We were so inspired by the positive impact each are making that in the end, we couldn’t award just one grand prize. So, we doubled down and awarded the marketing services to both organizations.”

Doing the right thing – whether in awarding a competition, working with a client, supporting the communities we’re a part of or in our daily interactions with each other – is a strong part of KidGlov culture, so when everyone on the KidGlov team found out, there was more elation than surprise. Who doesn’t love when two dedicated groups of people, working to make their communities better, stronger, healthier and more inclusive, win the chance to reach even more people with their messages and missions?

Each winning organization will receive $10,000 in strategic consulting and marketing creative work to help them reach even more people and further their mission.

The Winning Organizations

The two winning organizations are making direct impacts on the lives of individuals, but also changing the communities of Omaha and Lincoln by the work they’re doing. Wineman, KidGlov’s founder and president, explains, “We had outstanding candidates, and this was a very difficult choice. Every organization or company that entered is doing positive, life-enhancing work. We would be proud to work with any of them. At the end, the Child Saving Institute and the Lincoln Community Playhouse had tremendous community support, shown through social media testimonies, which was one of the criteria we assessed.”

The Child Saving Institute (CSI) provides a safe haven and healing for thousands of young victims of family crisis, neglect and trauma. They offer vital services to create a safe place for at-risk children and to heal fractured families. They do this by focusing not only on the children themselves, but also working with pregnant women and young parents, foster and biological families with children of all ages and young adults transitioning to independence. Throughout all of the programs and services they offer, one common thread is seen: to make sure all children are well cared for and loved.

Lisa Bowen, vice president and managing director, will lead the effort to help the Child Saving Institute make the most of their Challenge award to expand their mission. “The Child Saving Institute has helped so many families and children over the decades they’ve served in Omaha and other areas of Nebraska. They’ve adapted to changing family dynamics and needs and have always remained focused on creating safe homes for children. This changes not only the children and families they serve, but the entire community. We’re so excited to work with them to reach even more of those who can benefit from their services and those who want to support their mission,” says Bowen.

The Lincoln Community Playhouse, which has been a part of the Lincoln community since 1946, is focused on far more than entertainment. They aim to transform the lives of individuals by providing the finest quality theater experience. But what some may not know is that in addition to their regular season productions, the Playhouse also runs a comprehensive outreach program, A Playhouse for Everyone. This outreach brings live theater to those with limited access to the opportunity, including children with special needs and Title I school students. They also have an active theater troupe just for seniors.

“It’s easy to see the entertainment value of community theater,” points out Peterson, KidGlov’s vice president and nonprofit creative director. “But the Lincoln Community Playhouse has taken community theater to a new level, using it to help our community be more open and accessible. Their work with groups who have historically been excluded from watching or acting in community theater because of age, physical limitation, ability and financial limitations is breaking down barriers and creating even more inclusion in the Lincoln community.”

Work for both organizations will be completed by May of 2021. Follow KidGlov for updates along the way and to see the great work being completed for both changemakers!

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