May 9, 2024

20 Ways Credit Unions Can Show Member Appreciation

Lyn Wineman

When it comes to credit union marketing strategies, nothing stands out more than organizations that go above and beyond to forge real connections with their members. Whether it’s sending a handwritten card on someone’s birthday or creating a special saving program for kids, letting your members know how valued they are not only strengthens your brand but strengthens your bond.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite tried-and-true methods for credit unions to show their members some LOV:

  1. Virtual Member Appreciation Events: Bring your members together in the digital world for some fun and recognition.
  2. Member Features: Highlight your members by sharing their stories and why they love being part of your credit union.
  3. Sweet Treats and Swag Days: Life is sweeter with treats! Invite your members to events where they can nab free ice cream or snag some equally cool branded goodies.
  4. Appreciation Videos: Show off your team’s appreciation with heartfelt videos shared on social media, adding a personal touch to your gratitude.
  5. Hand-Signed Cards: Send out personalized cards to celebrate milestones, signed by your staff to add a personal touch.
  6. “Oops” Gifts: Have a stash of thoughtful gifts ready to go for those rare occasions when you need to make amends.
  7. Engaging Focus Groups: Strengthen members’ sense of community by getting them involved in focus groups or surveys.
  8. Support Local Events: Show up for community events that your members care about. It’s a great way to meet more people in your community.
  9. Educational Resources: Knowledge is power! Provide educational content on important topics like security or buying a home.
  10. Financial Literacy Focus: Managing money is a skill. Teach your members how to make smart financial decisions.
  11. Thoughtful Card Designs: Design credit and debit cards that your members will be proud to show off.
  12. Appreciation in Every Interaction: Extend your gratitude through appreciative messaging in branches, drive-thrus, and online spaces.
  13. A Warm Communication Tone: Keep your communication friendly and warm to make your members feel valued.
  14. Inviting Branch Atmosphere: Design your branches to be welcoming spaces that members feel comfortable in.
  15. Celebrating Loyalty: Honor your long-term and multi-generational members by sharing their stories and contributions.
  16. New Member Engagement: Welcome new members with personalized outreach to make them feel like part of your community from day one.
  17. Future Member-Focused Kids’ Club: Nurture the next generation of credit union members with exclusive perks for young savers.
  18. Promoting Financial Health: Offer annual reviews to help members stay on top of their financial game, highlighting your role as their number one supporter.
  19. Branded Giveaways: Give out practical items like pens or post-its with your logo to keep your brand top of mind.
  20. Senior’s Club: Launch a club for your most experienced members to provide them with extra care, resources, and opportunities to connect.

These 20 ideas are more than credit union marketing strategies. They’re a celebration of what makes organizations like yours special – the people. From educational materials to sweet treats, each item on this list is designed to spread appreciation and show your members how much they mean to you.

If you’re passionate about making a real difference with your marketing and are looking to strengthen your financial brand, we know a credit union marketing agency that would make a wonderful partner (😉).  Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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