January 19, 2021

Twenty-Five Inspiring Leaders featured on first season of the Agency for Change Podcast

It wasn’t all bad, plenty of good things came to fruition in 2020.  One was the launch of KidGlov’s Agency for Change podcast.

Hosted by KidGlov leaders Lyn Wineman and Kelley Peterson, this podcast tells the stories of people creating positive change in the world. Whether working in large companies or nonprofit organizations, in small advocacy groups or as solo agents for change, we explore what inspires these changemakers, the work they’re doing and how they share their message. Each of us can play a part in positive change—and these are the people who show us how.

We have received great feedback on the question that asks each individual to provide us with an inspirational quote. A few have provided us their favorite words from others, many shared their own words of wisdom.

Here is a summary of these inspiring quotes with episode links so you can give them a listen.

  1. Jen Landis


  1. Sarita Reddy


  1. Cheri Mastny


  1. Craig Moody


  1. Boyd Ober


  1. Lindsey Rai Kortan


  1. Paige Piper


  1. Barb Bartle


  1. Jes Slavin


  1. Linda Carter


  1. Michelle Dziuban


  1. Cammy Watkins


  1. Angel Kwiatkowski


  1. Sara Sjolie
  • Quote: “Listen to your gut no matter what and find partners along your journey that you can trust wholeheartedly to go to courageous places with you.”
  • Podcast Link: https://kidglov.com/podcast/sarah-sjolie/


  1. Stephanie Olson


  1. Scott Young


  1. Amy Dickerson


  1. Graham Pansing-Brooks & Kyle Cartwright
  • Graham’s Favorite Quote: “What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Kyle’s Favorite Quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is all that ever has.” Margaret Mead
  • Podcast Link: https://kidglov.com/podcast/seachange/


  1. Justina Roth & Gerry Dunlap
  • Gerry’s Quote: “Come up with new ideas and have the courage to move them forward.”
  • Justina’s Quote: “In every challenge, always remember to shine and make a difference for someone else.”
  • Podcast Link: https://kidglov.com/podcast/fmb/


  1. Noah Teitelbaum


  1. Fiona Libsack


  1. Lisa Smith


  1. Kelley Peterson


  1. Jennifer Knecht


  1. Jim Blue


We have an exciting lineup planned for 2021. New episodes launch every Wednesday with occasional bonus editions throughout the week.

If you enjoy  these inspiring stories, please subscribe. Is there a changemaker you’d like to recommend for this podcast? Just visit drop us a line to share.  And to listen to more stories about the people behind positive change go to Agency for Change podcast.

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