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Matt Talbot : Brand Strategy

When nonprofit Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach decided to update their decades-old brand they turned
to KidGlov. The resulting new logo and tagline are bold, hopeful and anything but vanilla.

Bold Hope

Matt Talbot’s new logo being bright orange in color, makes their organization standout boldly from competitors within the market place.

The new iconic mark features a strong lower case “m” to represent the name “Matt” and the “t” nestled inside, symbolizes the first letter of “Talbot” as well as a cross.

For Matt Talbot, two simple words capture their entire mission. The tagline “Bold Hope” implies how the organization and all who serve there, act with boldness in inspiring others to see good in the future.

This rebrand is helping the organization garner attention, build donor and volunteer relationships and set the stage for a focused internal culture.

One board member excitedly said, “You have done a great job of modernizing the Matt Talbot brand
with an approach that really fits.”