Nebraska Cultural Endowment Legacy Giving Booklet

Nebraska Cultural Endowment

Endless Campaign

Nebraska Cultural Endowment Legacy Giving Booklet
Legacy Giving Booklet

About the Campaign

Thanks to the Nebraska Legislature and private donors, Nebraska Cultural Endowment is the first and only public-private cultural trust in the country which supports both arts & humanities.

The Endless Campaign invites progressive donors to envision the longevity and breadth of their generosity towards Nebraska Cultural Endowment by prefacing types of programs funded with the word “Endless” – Endless Art, Endless Conversation, Endless Culture, Endless History, Endless Music, etc.


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Nebraska Cultural Endowment Website
Website Design

Ensuring an Endless Tradition of Arts & Humanities

This campaign endlessly promotes how Nebraska Cultural Endowment works to create a permanent legacy to fund educational programs and projects of the Nebraska Arts Council and Humanities Nebraska.

In addition to the website, impact report, magazine and print ads, a lead generation effort was launched using digital ads to drive donors to a landing page offering a free downloadable legacy planning guide.

KidGlov helped us refine the way we inspire donors and communicate complex ideas about sustainability for the arts and humanities through beautiful and aspirational language, design, and strategy."

– Kyle Cartwright, Executive Director