Voyage Healthcare

A Brand Ready to Set Sail


Your Unfair Advantage in Travel Nursing 

With travel nursing being one of the fastest-growing industries, Voyage Healthcare needed a brand that clearly communicated why travel nurses should choose them over its competitors – their “unfair advantage.” 

The new website is not only easier to navigate but the look and feel make it stand out. And it speaks directly to medical professionals with a bold promise: that Voyage Healthcare will help them get exactly where they want to be in their careers.


  • Messaging

  • Tagline

  • Logo

  • Style Guide

  • Redesigned Website

  • SEO Strategy

  • Content Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Content

  • Branded Merchandise

A Guiding Force for Superstar Nurses

The star in the logo represents the guiding force of Voyage Healthcare in helping nurses go where they want their careers to take them. 

Subtle wave animations and a looped video on the website capture the sense of exploration and adventure inherent in the travel nurse industry.  

Plus, the recharged messaging and SEO strategy garnered a drastic increase in new users, page views and sessions over the previous year. 


Increase in Facebook video views


Increase in Facebook engagement

Nearly 1,000

Non-followers saw Facebook videos