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Farmers & Merchants Bank : Brand Strategy

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.”—Stuart Henderson Britt

After investing time and money implementing the latest technology, the Farmers & Merchants brand needed to catch up and reflect the bank’s transformation. We accomplished the mission through a differentiated strategy, refreshed look and smart approach that re-energized their employees and their communities.

Smart Bank. Smart You.

Farmers & Merchants Bank spent the past decade acquiring offices, adding products, modernizing technology, fine-tuning bank operations and getting bigger.

Over the years, the bank quietly grew to be the 15th largest bank in Nebraska. However, they forgot to let anyone know. Branding was neglected and marketing was purely an afterthought.

Realizing they were not getting enough return on their investment, Farmers & Merchants Bank called on KidGlov to give them a hand in creating a smart branding solution.


“Farmers & Merchants Bank will look under all rocks to find a solution to any problem.” Comments like this from over 100 online surveys helped identify the bank’s primary brand archetype as “Sage”.

Guided by the archetype, a new position statement and tagline, “Smart Bank. Smart You.” was created to reinforce Farmers & Merchants Bank expertise in banking that helps customers achieve.

A refreshed logo with more dimension and brand graphics, including a color gradation, secondary color palette, and large diamond with angular shapes, helped establish a smart, more modern look.


With a new differentiated messaging strategy and refreshed look, all eleven locations of Farmers & Merchants Bank were set to make their brand be more known.

KidGlov helped them intentionally launch their smart brand to key segments in these ways: Employees: brand launch celebrations, water bottles, Customers: direct mail, giveaway items, Public: website, newspaper brand ads, and Ongoing: stationery, teller receipts, style guide.


After the first brand ad appeared in the newspaper, KidGlov received this message from a Marketing Officer at the bank: “The ad is distinctive, will attract attention and has a good message that sends the right signal about Farmers & Merchants Bank. The branding items so far have been, in my opinion, first rate!”

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