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PromiseShip : Setting Sail Online

A new name, logo, tagline and brand mean a new website too, and one just as full of promise as the brand it represents.

PromiseShip transforms uncertainty into well-being through positive family support services. Its team is dedicated to helping families be families and their informative, interactive and engaging website gives the organization another avenue to do just that.

The “ship” in PromiseShip connects to other words like partnership, friendship, leadership and kinship – themes spread throughout its website. Employee videos illustrate the relationships formed between case workers and families, adoption features highlight touching stories about love and kin, and newsletters and guidebooks offer resources to lead donors and families down a secure, united path.

The website also includes animated shorts, heartwarming anecdotes and affectionate visuals to nurture the feel of the caring, supportive brand, and set PromiseShip on a journey that opens the door to hope and possibilities, speaks to its growing culture of innovation, and aligns with their passion.