Regency : Brand Reimagined

KidGlov helped Regency Court reimagine their identity to match the one-of-a-kind stores and restaurants inside this shopping center that you won’t find anywhere else in Omaha, Nebraska.

The brand refresh drops the word “Court” and refocuses on the name “Regency” and new tagline “Reimagined”. Reimagined means to imagine again or anew. This tag implies something new is always happening at Regency. The “Re” in the word Reimagined also provides a memorable alliteration with Regency.

This simple word is then reused to enhance campaigns and brand messaging throughout the year like: “Enchantment Reimagined” to celebrate the magic of the holiday season, “Loving Reimagined” for Mother’s Day and “Elegance Reimagined” as a phrase synonymous with their exclusive retailers.

The new logo and graphical elements accentuate their brand archetypes – Sage, Lover and Creator. The monogram “R” is classic and the serif font is sophisticated. Yet, the small refined polka dots give the look some femininity – appearing like jewels. Solid color is used to suggest an open space, like a black box theater, where creativity and imagination unfold.

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